User experience (UX) & Analytics I: Contact page analysis

In many cases, the contact page is one of the most visited pages on your website. Therefore, the article might be useful for those of you, who are interested in an analysis of the Contact page and its user experience.

In reality, the idea is very easy. Open the Behaviour / All Pages report and filter contact page. The easiest situation is when the contact page URL contains a unique part, but it is possible to filter this page with regular expressions too.

Within the filtered results, use the Country/Region/City dimension as a secondary dimension. The final choice between these possibilities depends on the specific nature of your website. If you offer services in different countries, then it might be useful to create a segment of users from a particular country and then use City as a secondary dimension. If you target only one particular state, then it might be possible to use City as a dimension.

At this moment, try to compare some metrics among different cities. As an example, we may use Exit Page percentage. This analysis shows you, if users, coming from a certain location, have a tendency to leave your website directly from your contact page. A high Exit Page percentage might suggest that users from a certain location can’t use your services, because you either do not offer your services at this place or you don’t communicate clearly that you offer them.

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The exact interpretation of the reason for a higher value in certain statistics depends on your particular website. However, the information might reveal very interesting insights about your audience and potential customers. Therefore, I would recommend using it to improve the user experience of your Contact page audience.

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