Time in Power BI – how to filter your data based on time?

One of the first issues that anyone working with Power BI has to deal with, is the issue of time in Power BI.

Let’s say that you have successfully downloaded data, you managed to create wonderful graphs and you managed to publish all that to online version of Power BI. You created a dashboard and want to show the result to anyone interested. However, there is nothing like a default time filter for Power BI dashboards. It is one of the most requested features that users would like Power BI developers to implement.

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So what are the possibilities?

You may use the Timeline Slicer, which is a custom visual.

PowerBI time slicer

If you use your Date data for the slicer, it enables you to change time according to what you set up. On the other hand, working with the slicer is not 100 percent user-friendly.


Another solution is to calculate time filters using formulas. In this way, you may create filters like these:

Power BI time

You may choose any time periods you wish. On the other hand, this solution is not that flexible, as you have to pre-define the time periods, you are interested in.

Do you have any suggestions how to do it in a better way? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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