The language of your customers – why you should care about it?

The article may start with a popular example, used by Content Marketing Institute:

“Have you ever listened to NPR radio announcers and imagined them walking around their normal lives talking like that? “Honey, we’re out of mustard” in that deep, formal baritone? Not only would it seem awkward and fake, but it would also be pretty distracting.

The same is true for content marketing, and we’re seeing companies of all sizes struggle with this as online media evolves.”

Does it sound good? “Honey, we’re out of mustard” in that deep, formal baritone? Click To Tweet


The question to ask is: Do you and your customers know your target audience? Do you keep up-to-date with what they like, how they speak, what they are interested in?


Despite its importance, almost no checklist for online marketing campaigns includes an item – a proper analysis of a target audience.

Do you keep up-to-date with what your customers like, how they speak, what they are interested in? Click To Tweet

There are several methods, how to analyze language of your target audience. The text analysis of social media data, the social network analysis of different topics on social media, virtual ethnography for a deeper analysis of specific target groups, discourse analysis for a segmentation of audiences or finding narratives in social media data.

These methods may help you find:

  • most common words & phrases your customers really use
  • the changes in the language in real-time
  • problems and issues your target audience deal with
  • keywords for your keyword-oriented marketing activities
  • ties between your customer base and your competitors
  • what are other online activities of your target audience


How can you use these resources?

  1. Write about new topics and problems of your target audience

You may use these topics for your content marketing and social media activities, as well as product improvement.


  1. Improve the language of your online communication

You may make your copywriter to use the common phrases your target audience use in their everyday activities. It may be very handy for your content marketing and social media activities.


  1. Find new keywords, especially for cheaper long-tail traffic

Text analysis of the language of your target audience allows you to get ideas for new keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns.


  1. Approach your competitor’s user base

The ties between your customers and your competitor’s user base enable you to see, what topics are attractive for your potential customers. It enables you to start with targeted social media and email activities.

Tasks: relate to your customer's topics and problems, use right language, find new keywords. Click To Tweet


I would deal with these possibilities in more detail, with examples, in the next series of articles. If you are interested, do not forget to sign up for a newsletter.

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