Social Network Analysis of political parties in Slovakia

The article is about the use of social network analysis for an analysis of active followers of political parties in Slovakia and their structure. It is the first part of the project, testing the difference between Facebook likers and Facebook commenters and the structure of their relationships.

The method is very similar to the method described here.

The analysis works with 1500 posts from each Facebook fan page of the most popular political parties in Slovakia (in February 2016). For all posts, likers and commenters were downloaded. For the analysis, only likers were used. To get and modify data, Facebook Graph API, R and OpenRefine were used.

The likers for all political parties were uploaded into Gephi. The use of Gephi resulted in this graph:

social network analysis


The huge majority of likers are in the middle part, which means that they liked content from at least 2 parties. However, every party has its own group of unique likers, with different levels of engagement.

The closer the political party is to the next one, its fans liked more often the content from both fan pages. Therefore, it is possible to see, what are the connecting points.

The closer a party is to the next one, more often its fans liked the content of both parties. Click To Tweet


The use of this method:

Someone might be interested in learning, which users or which posts have a potential to connect other users (other dots). This method is suitable for finding and determining these connections.


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