Several use cases of the social network analysis methodology

In this article, we would like to share several use cases of the social network analysis. They might motivate you to run your own projects.

  1. “a very simple and quick mockup of family relations and correspondence for merchant Gabriel Cerré (1734-1805)” (article)
  2. “We modeled a network graph of 77 Twitter influencers across eight different verticals: automotive, business, entertainment, finance, health, lifestyle, technology, and travel. Influencers were chosen based on criteria including relevance to a vertical and engagement.” (article)
  3. A wonderful resource about the Social Network Analysis, which among other things, includes a “voluntarily short list of applied, epistemological and methodological articles, many of which have become classic readings in network analysis courses. Intended for highly motivated social science students with little to no prior exposure to network analysis.” (article)

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