PowerBI and Google Analytics: incorrect data – one possible solution

PowerBI offers a great feature to import data from Google Analytics into PowerBI (read also an article about time). However, you might have to deal with several types of problems, when using PowerBI and Google Analytics together.

One of those situations:

You download data from Google Analytics (for example a combination of session, country, time and source/medium), but you may see that you have the same numbers for many rows. Those numbers are different from Google Analytics data in online interface and do not make any sense. What to do in such a situation?

The thing is that in order to download correct data, date range should not exceed 500k sessions (25M for Premium), otherwise Google Analytics sample data.

To verify this, it is possible to follow these steps (thanks to this answer):

– Check your GA data you have imported in PowerBI and note down the date range you have imported (earliest and latest date)
– Go to https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/query-explorer/

– Set up exactly the same query and use the same dates that you have in PowerBI

– Hit “Run Query” and have a look at the header section of the result

– If it says “Contains sampled data:Yes”, then you know, that sampling is the root of the issue.

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As the solution, it is necessary either to download less data or download smaller amount of data into another source and upload it from there.

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