Keyword or Search term report – connect data from AdWords and Analytics

In many cases, it is very handy to connect data from Google AdWords about the performance of your keywords or search terms with data from Google Analytics. If you have connected your accounts, you have a possibility to see metrics, such as bounce rate or percentage of new visits, directly in AdWords. However, for some campaigns in AdWords, it might be beneficial to see the statistics about Goals, set in Google Analytics. That is not possible in AdWords.


In the online interface (without using API), it is possible to analyze these data using text editing tools. In AdWords, you can export and download Keyword Report and/or Search Terms Report for a specific period of time. In Analytics, you can export and download a report in the Acquisition section – AdWords – Keywords or Search terms. Sometimes, you would need to Customize these reports, to include more data about goals in one single report. Again, do not forget to check the period of time.


At this point, you may compare the statistics from both sources. The best solution is to try to connect these two tables as databases, based on the column with keywords. One of the most common programs for doing so, is Microsoft Access, with a guide to do it.


The resulting table allows you to segment and see, if your keywords with greatest CTR really convert and give value based on Goals set in Analytics.


In practice, you might encounter several problems, especially resulting from data in these reports. I would cover these problems in future posts.

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