How to use Facebook API data to link users with a content they prefer

The group of authors from the University of Milano submitted an interesting article for CARMA 2016 International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics.

They proposed a “A Multivariate Approach to Facebook Data for Marketing Communication” (available here).

Based on Facebook data collected via Facebook API in 2014, they created several categories of users (psychographic profiles) and several categories of TV channels these users engaged with. Thanks to their approach, they were able to create a representation of associations between these users and categories of content.

facebook data

How to link types of users with a content they are interested in using Facebook data Click To Tweet

It is another example of how to use Facebook data for a better segmentation of an audience in certain sector. However, one of the biggest limitations of this method is the fact that it depends on the type of data Facebook API allows the researcher to collect.


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