How to include a graph in Metrics widget in Google Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards are an interesting feature in Google Analytics. They might not be as useful for an analyst, who needs to get deeper into data. However, for people, who need only a quick and clear overview of a website performance, they might be very useful.

In this article, I would like to show just a little trick how to improve dashboards.

According to Google, the standard Metric widget “displays a simple numeric representation of a single selected metric.” However, you may find the widget to look like this:

Metrics Dashboard Google Analytics


It shows the number of goal completions. However, you may see that it is possible and also pretty handy to have a little graph of the metric performance. However, when creating a widget, you cannot see the option to include a graph.

Google Analytics Dashboards



Therefore – how to get it there?

The trick is to use the section Link to report or URL. Its purpose is to create a link between the widget and a specific report. If you include the link into the widget, the user will have an opportunity to click the name of the widget and get to the report quickly. However, linking to the report would also add the graph to the widget.

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