Google Analytics IQ exam – my personal tips how to be successful

I took Google Analytics IQ exam and – I was successful.

Therefore, I would like to share my thoughts and experience with other people who would like to pass the test too.

What did the exam cover?

It covered questions about Google Analytics in general + various questions about typical GA functions, such as conversions, goals, attribution, ecommerce, views, filters, metrics, dimensions. There are a lot of questions about Google Tag Manager. Finally, it also focused on more specific functions, such as site search, site speed, adding data or technical issues.

I do not think that it is possible to pass the exam without a proper preparation.

How to prepare for an exam?

1. Have experience with Google Analytics

It is really helpful to have an understanding of what is the question about. Many questions are focused on the easiest way to do something or which metric or dimension is useful. Therefore, it is necessary to have an experience with GA.

2. Go through BOTH Google Analytics Academies

Some of the questions in the exam were the exact copies of the questions used in the Academy. Moreover, it is worth reading through the materials, because you can see several answers to the questions there.

3. Use Google Analytics Help

The GA Help site is a wonderful resource. However, you need to be able to find information you need, therefore a certain level of preparation is necessary.

4. AdWords

It is also good to understand AdWords and some metrics or principles it uses.

5. Think

Finally, it is necessary to understand, how GA works and analyze, what is the question about. It is an open book exam, but there are many people that do not pass it. Therefore, the basic advice – think, when you answer your questions.

Finally, you have 90 minutes for 70 questions. You can pause the test, but you have to complete it in 5 days. However, the test is closed after you pause it.


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