Several Tips for those who use Excel for Facebook analytics

If you are running a Page on Facebook and you managed to get 30 likes for your website, it is possible to use Facebook analytics interface called “Facebook Insights”.

It offers many valuable insights into the behavior and activity of your audience.

However, the Insights interface in web browser enables you to work with data from last 7 days, especially in visual and graphic sections.

In this article, I would like to direct your attention to the possibility to Download all data of user´s activity in .csv file.

Find the “Export Data” option in the Insights section.


You can adjust your download settings.


Finally, you get a file you can easily open in Excel and view the statistics of your Page usage.

The main advantages are:

–        You can see longer time periods

–        You can combine posts based on themes

–        You can segment and filter data by posts, engagement, etc.

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