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24 Feb 2017

Google Analytics features – exclusion of search terms or management of search providers

One of the powerful features of Google analytics is the introduction of new automatic retargeting lists (look here). However, the introduction of Universal Analytics brings more new features. In Universal Analytics, it is possible to exclude search
8 Feb 2017

(not set) in AdWords reports in Google Analytics

In this article, I would like to focus on the issue of (not set) in AdWords report in Google Analytics. I have experienced several situations: Once, the report Keywords in AdWords section showed keyword (not set), making
9 Jan 2017

Traffic hubs and one-way roads: Social Network Analysis & Web Analytics

I have recently introduced a method of hyperlink analysis. In this post, I would like to show one approach, how to use this method and social network analysis in web analytics. The hyperlink analysis is based on
25 Nov 2016

Use visualisations to find keywords leading to more landing pages

When the website grows bigger and gets more traffic, what might happen is that a single keyword or a search term leads to multiple landing pages. It is useful to know these keywords and landing pages for several reasons:
12 Oct 2016

Metrics and dimensions that can be used together in Google Analytics

Not all data in Google Analytics is equal. Or more precisely – it cannot be combined together. Avinash Kaushik had dealt with this issue in one of his famous articles. He explained that some metrics were calculated
27 Apr 2016

A word cloud about the most important quality of a web analyst

Recently, usabilitytools.com published an interesting article. They asked 44 web analysts to answer several questions about web analysis and a web analyst and collected their answers. One of the questions was: What is the most important quality
12 Feb 2016

Measuring events in Google Analytics – understand metrics!

I am not sure if I found a better description of different metrics used by Google Analytics for event reporting. At analyticsedge, the author describes how to interpret the most common data discrepancies between different types of
11 Dec 2015

Third dimension and more dimensions in Google Analytics

The feature is not brand-new. However, it is still not well-known. For standard reports in Google Analytics user interface, it is common to use primary and secondary dimension. For example, Source/Medium report interface looks like this: However, the
1 Dec 2015

How to include a graph in Metrics widget in Google Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards are an interesting feature in Google Analytics. They might not be as useful for an analyst, who needs to get deeper into data. However, for people, who need only a quick and clear overview of a
21 Oct 2015

Calculated metrics in Google Analytics

Recently, Google Analytics introduced a new feature – calculated metric. What it is? “Calculated metrics grant you greater flexibility in deriving insights by enabling you to perform basic calculations on metrics right there in the interface –