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9 Jan 2017

Traffic hubs and one-way roads: Social Network Analysis & Web Analytics

I have recently introduced a method of hyperlink analysis. In this post, I would like to show one approach, how to use this method and social network analysis in web analytics. The hyperlink analysis is based on
10 Jul 2015

User experience (UX) & Analytics I: Contact page analysis

In many cases, the contact page is one of the most visited pages on your website. Therefore, the article might be useful for those of you, who are interested in an analysis of the Contact page and
15 Jun 2015

Low-traffic and A/B testing – is it worth it?

A/B testing is usually considered to be a best practice method, how to optimize existing campaigns (and not only PPC campaigns). The basic idea is that you test two versions of a landing page / ad /
19 May 2015

The great resource center for Web performance tools

For anyone interested in Web performance and its improvement, this is the great website with many resources about this topic. It shows over 130 tools and 17 books about the speed of websites or its design and