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8 Jul 2016

Test results database

In this article, I want to recommend a website, that contains a database of many test results and case studies. You can browse tests by categories, campaigns, elements or topic tested. A very good resource for research!
18 Jun 2016

A Great Script for T test in R

A great article about a script for T test in R.
8 Oct 2015

Don’t forget about Wikipedia for web analysis

A group of authors had published a very interesting study “Wikipedia Page View Reflects Web Search Trend“. It may be very helpful for web analysis. They argued that: We “investigate whether search frequency can be estimated from
4 Sep 2015

Using data to predict the success of top models in next season

A very interesting article was published by Sciencedaily. “Researchers at Indiana University have predicted the popularity of new faces to the world of modeling with over 80 percent accuracy using advanced computational methods and data from Instagram.”
7 Aug 2015

Benford’s Law & Social Media data – detection of suspicious activity?

The scientists had applied the so-called Benford’s Law to Social Media data. The results show that the law might be useful to identify fraudulent social media activities. Benford’s Law says that “in any list of data, numbers
4 Mar 2015

Markov models – very nice explanation

In case that you want to understand or you want to explain Markov models for someone, this website gives a very nice and easy-to-understand way to get the idea behind them. And more importantly – it uses
5 Jan 2015

Great Excel shortcut

This might sound trivial, but it is such a great Excel shortcut, that I decided to mention it here explicitly. In order to make a sum of a certain column, the function usually used is SUM(). However,