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24 Jan 2017

Get inspired – Case studies on how urban planners use social media and open data

In 2014, the consortium of various partners launched a project urbandata2decide, coordinated by Austrian-based SME SYNYO GmbH. Its aim is to extract information, create visualizations, support decision-making and approach urban challenges. The reason why the project might
13 Oct 2016

How to use Facebook API data to link users with a content they prefer

The group of authors from the University of Milano submitted an interesting article for CARMA 2016 International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics. They proposed a “A Multivariate Approach to Facebook Data for Marketing Communication” (available here).
8 Sep 2016

The language of your customers – why you should care about it?

The article may start with a popular example, used by Content Marketing Institute: “Have you ever listened to NPR radio announcers and imagined them walking around their normal lives talking like that? “Honey, we’re out of mustard”
3 Aug 2016

The Overview of Social Media Data Analysis Tools

At Social Media Lab, it is possible to see a very clear overview of tools, available for social and market analysis. The authors compare the tools with respect to their functions, data sources or export options. The
4 Dec 2015

Instagram for Research

Social scientists are always looking for innovative ways of research. A good example is the study Zooming into an Instagram city: reading the local through social media by Nadav Hochman and Lev Manovich. They used Instagram for
10 Nov 2015

Jumpshot insights: interesting case studies about online behaviour is an analytics tool, which offers a lot of information about internet users: “what people search for, where they spend their time, what they do there, and how they get from place to place across the
8 Jun 2015

Keyword or Search term report – connect data from AdWords and Analytics

In many cases, it is very handy to connect data from Google AdWords about the performance of your keywords or search terms with data from Google Analytics. If you have connected your accounts, you have a possibility
28 May 2015

Keyword research: a great way to find new keywords (and eventually leads)

It is not a new article, but it shows a great way, how to improve the keyword research process. The trick is to use an option in Google Keyword Planner and let it search for keywords by
22 Jan 2015

Academic dataset from Yelp for an analysis

For text mining purposes, as well as market research, it might be useful to use the Academic dataset, offered by Yelp here. It “is providing all the data and reviews of the 250 closest businesses for 30