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20 Jun 2015

Dark social and how to deal with it in Google Analytics

One of the most fascinating benefits of online business is its ability to track many types of user behaviour. One of the best examples (and one of the most important ones) is the “dark social” category of
8 Jun 2015

Keyword or Search term report – connect data from AdWords and Analytics

In many cases, it is very handy to connect data from Google AdWords about the performance of your keywords or search terms with data from Google Analytics. If you have connected your accounts, you have a possibility
4 May 2015

Google Analytics IQ exam – my personal tips how to be successful

I took Google Analytics IQ exam and – I was successful. Therefore, I would like to share my thoughts and experience with other people who would like to pass the test too. What did the exam cover? It covered questions
29 Apr 2015

Backup your keywords in Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the last places, where it is possible to learn information about keywords from Google organic search. Even in Webmaster Tools, you may see only a smaller slice of data: And this
23 Apr 2015

Report of users behavior you may not have heard about

Many people complain that Google Analytics interface is not very good for examining the flow of user behavior. It offers the Behavior Flow report in Behavior section. It is a great tool for visualization, but it is a bit
25 Feb 2015

Segmentation by sessions in Google Analytics

For a content-oriented website, it is good to analyze the frequency of sessions in Google Analytics. It can help you to understand the type of content that is appealing to your audience, their typical behavior as well