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20 Aug 2015

Application of social network analysis to detect communities online

The researchers had used social network analysis to detect Dutch Jihad communities on Facebook. A good thing about the article is the description of a methodology, which the authors used to detect these groups.
7 Aug 2015

Benford’s Law & Social Media data – detection of suspicious activity?

The scientists had applied the so-called Benford’s Law to Social Media data. The results show that the law might be useful to identify fraudulent social media activities. Benford’s Law says that “in any list of data, numbers
26 Jun 2015

Several Tips for those who use Excel for Facebook analytics

If you are running a Page on Facebook and you managed to get 30 likes for your website, it is possible to use Facebook analytics interface called “Facebook Insights”. It offers many valuable insights into the behavior
4 Mar 2015

Markov models – very nice explanation

In case that you want to understand or you want to explain Markov models for someone, this website gives a very nice and easy-to-understand way to get the idea behind them. And more importantly – it uses
16 Feb 2015

Biomedical journal provides its datasets online

Biomedical journal Gigascience decided to do a rather unique thing in the world of academic papers. “What makes Gigascience unique is that it makes available, through its dedicated servers and database the full data sets associated with the articles
13 Feb 2015

Excel analysis of keywords for multiple websites

For SEO analysis, but not only, Lunametrics had published a wonderful article about an analysis of keywords for multiple websites. It deals with the situation, when there are “keywords that have more than one of your site’s
5 Feb 2015

Behavioral advertising – putting data into practice

Kissmetrics had published an interesting article about Behavioral Advertising. It develops the possibilities to target your audience based on their previous behavior. It nicely shows that in the beginning, it is an analytical activity, since data you
30 Jan 2015

The possibilities of Twitter and Pinterest analytics

This article shows the possibilities for web and data analysts, how to use newly-emerged functions from these two social networks. Although these platforms might have brought even more data, it still can work as a wonderful resource.
5 Jan 2015

Great Excel shortcut

This might sound trivial, but it is such a great Excel shortcut, that I decided to mention it here explicitly. In order to make a sum of a certain column, the function usually used is SUM(). However,