5 mobile analytics tools to combine for proper tracking

In this article, I would like to give a list of 5 mobile analytics tools that are good to use.

  1. Google Tag Manager – the implementation is not easy. However, the possibility to modify tracking without a need to approve the changes in app stores, is a great advantage.
  2. Flurry by Yahoo – the biggest advantage is that it might be a bit more precise than GTM
  3. App Annie – a great tool to track app stores
  4. Mixpanel – the advantage of this tool is the possibility to segment and to interact with users in realtime
  5. Appsee – finally, a nice tool to record user’s behavior


5 tools for proper mobile analytics: GTM, Flurry, App Annie, Mixpanel and Appsee. Click To Tweet


It is certainly a bit unfortunate, that it is necessary to use 5 tools for mobile analytics. However, altogether they help you to build a better picture of your mobile app audience and improve the user experience.

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