4 specific features of digital marketing in Czech republic and Slovakia

When targeting Czech republic or Slovakia in your digital campaigns, it is necessary to take into consideration several important factors.

1. The existence of seznam.cz in Czech republic

There are not many countries in the world, in which Google is not the most wide-spread web browser. Czech republic used to be one of them.
Recently, the position of Google in Czech republic improved and it became the biggest player now. However, the former biggest browser – seznam.cz – still has a huge impact. According to 2014 study, Google was the source of around 54 percent of all visits, in comparison to Seznam´s 37 percent. Google is the biggest, but if you really want to target as big digital population of Czech republic as possible, you have to target Seznam users too.

Seznam had developed its own search engine advertisement network, which includes both search and display network. The majority of features are similar to Google, but there are exceptions.

In Slovakia, Google is the most used browser.

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2. Social media in Czech republic and Slovakia – the dominance of Facebook

The most popular network in both Czech republic and Slovakia is Facebook. The next one is Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, the difference is very big.

Therefore, for a B2C business, it might be interesting to use Facebook and its paid platform. It is already a tested and widely-used platform in these countries. However, for other social media platforms, it is necessary to analyse, if it was worth spending money.

For B2B business, it might be interesting to use LinkedIn network. It the target group for your business is urban audience with higher level of digital literacy, then Twitter might work for you. Accordingly, the final decision is based on the type of business and should be consulted.


3. The language specifics

Both Czech and Slovak languages are Slavic languages. The fact has several implications for digital campaigns.

It is possible to say that the word “car” has a single translation into Czech language – “auto”. However, when you use the word in a sentence, the word might have several different types of forms, such as “aut, auty, autem, autu”. All of them are grammatically correct in a specific sentence.

The nature of the language has implications for the word-based digital campaigns, which must be taken into consideration. And even if you accepted that Slavic languages work like this – the specific rules differ for the majority of them. That is another challenge of preparing campaigns in Czech republic or Slovakia.

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4. Good online customers

Finally, people of both countries are getting used to paying online. In fact, the percentage is getting higher every year.

For several years now, every year the amount and number of online transaction is rising, with double digits. People are willing to spend more and are willing to buy more often.

The competition of e-shops is pretty intense in Czech republic. However, based on experience with the digital market, it is possible to say that if a certain e-shop or e-service provides a great value for its customers, Czech and Slovak customers are willing to use its services. And most importantly – if the product or service can bring a great price for value.



Czech and Slovak digital markets are already well-developed and ready for an investment. One must take into consideration the specifics of search engine marketing, the popularity of several social media platforms and certain language limitations. However, in general, it is very likely that anyone investing money in these countries with a quality product, would benefit from entering them.


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