Monthly Archive:: December 2015

28 Dec 2015

Analyze Facebook data using R

When you browse the internet, looking for help with getting data from Facebook within R interface, you would probably find several websites, which already link to this wonderful blog. For complete R newbies, I would just add
11 Dec 2015

Third dimension and more dimensions in Google Analytics

The feature is not brand-new. However, it is still not well-known. For standard reports in Google Analytics user interface, it is common to use primary and secondary dimension. For example, Source/Medium report interface looks like this: However, the
4 Dec 2015

Instagram for Research

Social scientists are always looking for innovative ways of research. A good example is the study Zooming into an Instagram city: reading the local through social media by Nadav Hochman and Lev Manovich. They used Instagram for
1 Dec 2015

How to include a graph in Metrics widget in Google Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards are an interesting feature in Google Analytics. They might not be as useful for an analyst, who needs to get deeper into data. However, for people, who need only a quick and clear overview of a