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4 Apr 2016

3 types of possible replacements of Kimono labs

In the beginning of 2016, the users of a popular tool Kimono labs experienced several changes. They included a change in a user interface as well as the level of support. Many users complained about the new
27 Mar 2016

PowerBI and Google Analytics: incorrect data – one possible solution

PowerBI offers a great feature to import data from Google Analytics into PowerBI (read also an article about time). However, you might have to deal with several types of problems, when using PowerBI and Google Analytics together.
10 Mar 2016

Experiments on Wikipedia

We have already covered a topic that Wikipedia is a great resource for research (you may find the article here). In this article, you may read a description of the whole methodology to be used to analyse
2 Mar 2016

Social Network Analysis of political parties in Slovakia

The article is about the use of social network analysis for an analysis of active followers of political parties in Slovakia and their structure. It is the first part of the project, testing the difference between Facebook
29 Feb 2016

Time in Power BI – how to filter your data based on time?

One of the first issues that anyone working with Power BI has to deal with, is the issue of time in Power BI. Let’s say that you have successfully downloaded data, you managed to create wonderful graphs and
26 Feb 2016

Internet of things and sociology: for anyone interested

For anyone interested in sociology aspects of internet of things, the quantified self and digital sociology in general, visit Simply Sociology blog. It is a blog run by Deborah Lupton, who is a “Centenary Research Professor in the
12 Feb 2016

Measuring events in Google Analytics – understand metrics!

I am not sure if I found a better description of different metrics used by Google Analytics for event reporting. At analyticsedge, the author describes how to interpret the most common data discrepancies between different types of
3 Feb 2016

Facebook API and R – how to deal with time limit

I have already shared a great tutorial on how to use R and start getting data for an analysis from Facebook via its API (find an article here). However, it covers only the basic issues of Facebook
25 Jan 2016

Common problems with data frames in R

It is rather obvious to say, but data frames in R are one of the most interesting features of this programming language. However, sometimes they might not be the easiest to understand and use. The DataCamp Team
12 Jan 2016

Online research: not demographics, but intent?

Think with Google team published an interesting article about an analysis of online target audience. Based on a study they conducted with Millward Brown Digital Agency, they argue that (at least for users with mobile devices), it